Manipulating The Law For Revenge and Blackmail Is Not Justice

Anand Jon has become the symbol of the innocent man fighting for truth and justice. The Anand Jon affair has become the example of one of the worst prosecutorial misconduct and racism case of the century.

“We trust court will do the right thing and grant a new trial and Anand Jon will be exonerated and an innocent man will go home to his family.”
–Lenny Levine, Anand Jon Defense Attorney

Anand Jon hails from a close knit family of revolutionary scholars and freedom fighters who actively embraced Mahatma Gandhi’s policy of “ahimsa” which means “non-violent resistance to liberate India from colonial rule.

Anand Jon arrived in the United States in the early 90’s with an art school scholarship and became the definition of the American dream with his self-made, glad rag to riches success story. Unfortunately, this also made him a target as his world was turned upside down into a Hollywood horror movie based on absurd false allegations by a group of scorned women that an overzealous prosecutor hyped up with their blatant abuse of power. Read The complete details of Anand Jon Affair.